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Welcome to Record My Call - a specialist call recording service allowing you to keep a record of the important calls that you make..

Most of the time when you call a customer services department you will be informed that the call may be monitored for training purposes and for the company's internal use. Whilst this is fine, what about if you would like a record of the call so that you can then use it to validate information for future reference?

Well, this is why we have set up My-Call-Record - a simple to use service allowing you to easily have your call recorded and then sent to you via email. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions relayed to you at the beginning of your call. If you do not wish to have your call recorded you can easily skip the function and continue.

This sounds great - but how much does it cost? Any call that is made on our system is charged at just £0.05p per minute when called from a BT landline. Extra charges may be incurred when calling from a mobile or other network. The recording of the message and forwarding service is completely free!

your call and have it sent to you for later use!

Do you want to record your call? Why is this useful? Here are some obvious reasons to use our service:

How to use our service

That's it..!


Recorded messages are only stored on our system for 24hrs and then destroyed. Calls made from a BT landline cost £0.05 pence per minute. Calls made from a mobile or other networks may incur extra charges that are beyond our control. Call recording is regulated by Ofcom - please click here for further details. Please Note that Record My Call has No Affiliation with any of the companies or official body who are listed on our website nor do we provide any similar products or services supplied by them. All logos, trademarks and company identity belongs to their respective owners and are solely for identification purposes. accepts no liability of the use of the call recordings. It Is illegal to make the contents of the communication available to a third party. If you plan to do so you will need the consent of the person you are recording. All content on the website including text, images, logo's, audio clips and information is copyrighted intellectual property of Telinet Communicatons Ltd. All rights are reserved and strictly prohibited.